Chimney Sweep University

Chimney Sweep University is a private organization designed to bring homeowners and chimney professionals the most up to date information regarding the chimney cleaning and repair profession. Every year there are nearly 25,000 chimney related fires and many can be prevented with proper chimney maintenance. There is abundant information regarding the proper way to repair and clean your chimney. Many homeowners and some chimney professionals do not know where to find the sources of this information. Usually this information is provided in various building and fire code publications. Listed on our website are these reference sources.

For the chimney professional: Chimney Sweep University has a variety of free training videos that are listed on our website. As we update these videos, we will place them on our chimney FAQ videos link. These videos can be referenced by your technicians and even your office staff to help them better understand the chimney profession. For technicians who want to advance their skills to the highest level, we recommend full training programs located in Virginia. Virginia is the only state in the nation to recognize the chimney profession as a trade organization. The Virginia Department of Labor offers journeyman cards for individuals who establish 300 classroom and 2000 documented field hours in the chimney repair and chimney inspection category. For more information concerning the Virginia DPOR Chimney Repair and Inspection program, contact Kevin Stewart at 804-400-1375.

For the homeowner: Chimney Sweep University offers many solutions to chimney related problems that you may have encountered. These issues might be as complicated as how to solve drafting problems, to as easy as information concerning what type of wood to burn. As our website improves, many of these frequently asked questions can be explained through video and thus provides a better visual understanding of the chimney issue you may be encountering. Chimney Sweep University also allows various chimney sweeps to advertise their services on our website. Our rules are simple, offer quality service and we will continue to allow you to advertise. We encourage our website visitors to schedule their chimney service appointments through our on-line service. If they schedule their service through us, then we will follow up with the home owner to make sure you performed a quality service. As long as you maintain a great reputation, then we will continue to list you on our website.